About Us

Meet the founders

Established in 2022 by Jonathan and Justin, Bizmoov serves clients across North America. We specialize in providing personalized digital solutions. Our commitment to affordability and excellence ensures that businesses receive tailored support and solutions that meet their unique needs.

About Bizmoov

Established in 2022 by Jonathan and Justin, Bizmoov was born from the desire to empower local businesses with a robust digital presence at an affordable price. With a dedicated team committed to providing exceptional support, Bizmoov simplifies digital services and solutions for local business owners, making their journey into the digital realm seamless and successful.

Our Mission

At Bizmoov, our mission is to make digital services accessible and hassle-free for local businesses. We understand the unique challenges they face and strive to offer tailored solutions that drive growth and visibility in the online landscape. With a focus on affordability, reliability, and outstanding support, we aim to be the trusted partner local businesses can rely on for all their digital needs.

Services Offered

Bizmoov specializes in a diverse range of digital services, check out our services page to learn more. Our diverse expertise allows us to cater to the specific requirements of each client, ensuring their digital presence is not only impactful but also aligned with their business objectives.

Our Presence

With a physical presence in Montreal and Miami, Bizmoov is uniquely positioned to serve clients not only in these regions but also across North America and abroad. Our local touch allows us to offer on-site support and personalized consultations, nurturing robust client relationships and guaranteeing satisfaction throughout their journey.